January 28, 2013

What's inside my makeup bag?

This is my lately collection of items in my makeup bag. Being pregnant doesn't leave you much time nor energy to put on makeup everyday, so I have an express makeup kit that takes me about 1 minute to make myself not look extremely tired from nights of insomnia.

I am a big fan of drugstore cosmetics, because all fancy makeup usually comes from the same factory as your over the counter cover girl lipsticks. So here's what I've got inside my bag!

1. Maybeline Colossal mascara This is about $8-$12 at your drugstore, makes eyelashes really black and full! Comes in waterproof and regular. I am currently using the regular one, and it's pretty waterproof, doesn't smudge at the end of the day.

2. Essie Sand Topez nail polish This was in my bag, just for the days that I am bored, and could use a freshen up on my nails! $9.99

3. Annabelle Smoothliner eyeliner Probably the best waterproof pencil liner I have ever used. This is cheap and effective! Goes on smooth and easy, and it really does not smudge! No eyelid crease lines! $6.99 at superstore!

4. Burt’s Bees lip balm 100% natural with kokum butter. It doesn't really condition well if your lips are always chapped. I only got it because of its 100% natural content, so I feel safe ingesting the lip balm.

5. Tweezerman mini tweezer To get rid of those unsightly eyebrows and hairs in odd places....This is a travel size, the mini~! Great to have for those embarrassing growth. $15 at Sephora.com

6. Mac eyelash curler I've had this curler for ages, it doesn't do much since I don't have much eyelash, but it does make it curl and easier to apply mascara! $24 now at M.A.C.

7. Rimmel Pink Sorbet blush I got this at Shoppers Drugmart because of the name! I like the colour, a soft healthy pink tone that looks natural. I think it's about $5-$8. I can't remember.

8. Paul & Joe creamy powder foundation I don't usually wear foundation, mostly just moisturizer and tinted moisturizer and a little powder to set. This is perfect for light coverage just to even the skin tone a bit. My last two powder compacts have been from Paul & Joe because I simply love the packaging and also the soft and natural effect of their powders. I got this from Taiwan for about $35 CAD. This is sold at Sears for $55.. and I just discovered this new website of cheaper cosmetics! http://www.beautyhabit.com/ It is sold on Beauty Habit for $40!! A steal..sort of.

Lastly, I forgot to include an eyeliner sharpener. You need to have it in your bag!! Or else you'd be scratching your eyelids with dull eyeliner!

January 21, 2013

Diaper Bag!

This is our Skip Hop diaper bag! We choose this one because of the muted colors so that Tien can carry it ALL THE TIME. It also has nice stroller clips on the side, so it is nice and secure without slipping off the handles! It is more compact than most bulky diaper bags. All openings are easy access with magnetic flaps, and one zipper compartment for important stuff like keys and wallets. I am excited to start compiling items to put inside the diaper bag!! Please stay tuned for "what's inside my diaper bag?" post! I am thinking of sewing a diaper and wipe case bag...this will be another sewing project! Hopefully I have time to make this before the baby comes. If not, I will have to make it in March. It's not like we need to use the diaper bag right away, but it's nice to have everything prepared for a nice outing! 18 more days..

January 17, 2013

New hobby

I learned how to knit a few years ago, and have been infatuated with handmade craft since. Knitting is a relaxing hobby, but it is not as satisfying because it takes a really long time before a project is complete. It takes weeks to make a scarf, hours to make a hat. Every winter I pick up knitting again, because it is cold and I would like to make some warm objects for family and friends! My latest creations this year included 2 popcorn scarves for myself and my mom, a long scarf for husband, and an ongoing baby blanket for my unborn child! It takes a lot of perseverance and free time to knit these suckers. I've recently gained a lot of extra free time (because I am preggers and not really mobile to hang out) so I was reading some craft blogs and decided to learn how to make some makeup cases. One day of blog reading and I was determined to sew! The following day I picked up my mom's sewing machine and paid a visit at Fabricland. Now I am making makeup bags, pillow cases, heat pack, card holders, and more to come! Fabric shopping is especially exhilarating. All the prints and colors are so beautiful! I am going to perfect my sewing skills and hopefully start selling these babies online. I've placed a couple in my store but no one has bought one yet :( This will be something nice to do while I am at home taking care of a newborn baby. Hopefully I can buy some new fabric soon! But first things first, I need to buy more material to make my next invention, ipad sleeves!!!! Stay tuned for my etsy.com store...hehe handmade goodies are coming your way!!!

January 09, 2013

What did Santa bring for Christmas?

So it's finally over! bye bye 2012!! Hello 2013! I think it's time to do some gift bragging from Christmas?! Tien got me a set of pajamas! Always a great gift, because who can have too many pjs? I also got goodies in my stocking, a Hello Kitty cup along with a small Hello Kitty Charm! Got two soft jersey knit shirts from the Gap, these are good for pregnant peeps because it's soft and long enough to cover the belly. Got a Hello Kitty bobble head! Also got budget busting pearl earrings for my lonely earlobes, I like them!!

I got Tien the Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray dvd combo, I watched it with him, I think it was a pretty good gift. I also got him some socks! A lot of socks actually...A pair of iPhone compatible gloves, these are useful in the winter time and for playing words with friends. His favourite gift was the iPhone case I got him at the bargain bin at Futureshop! $4.99!!!

And of course the greatest gift of all is that giant belly I've been carrying around...please come out soon. I am feeling relentless! bahahahah

November 22, 2012

Holiday Gift Inspiration

It's almost that time of the year to start shopping for your family and friends! Christmas shopping can be stressful, but with the convenience of online shopping, there is no need to hit up the crowded mall! Hope y'all have a nice Christmas and happy shopping! I've complied a list of things under $50 to inspire your holiday shopping!

November 21, 2012

Black Friday Deals!!!

Are you looking for good deals?!?!

This Friday at your local Home Depot, is a 7' Nobel Fir Pre Lit Artificial Christmas Tree!! 1000 tips with 550 clear lights, for only $79 One day only!!

If you need a Christmas tree, this is the time to buy :)

If you're into arts and craft, Michaels has great sales from Wednesday - Friday, with loads of sales and coupons online. They also take coupons on your mobile phones! Many of the coupons are 25-50% off regular price items, with several coupons 20-30% off entire purchases including sales items (these are subjected to be used between 9:00am - noon)

Also, I recently stumbled upon awesome internet radio! I was searching for some Christmas tunes to listen to while I admire my Christmas tree. Check out Accuradio for a wide selection of genre and awesomeness! I am currently listening to channel "Boy Bands and Blondes" http://old.accuradio.com/player/slipstream/hitkast/101/ Britney Spears - Oops I did it again!!

November 16, 2012

New Wardrobe inspiration (Things that I want to wear but can't, because I am preggers.)

How about this silky button top, along with an embellished necklace/collar? I would love to buy a few of these, and just throw it on top of some skinny jeans (something else I have not worn in a couple of months)

Coloured jeans! Skinny jeans! I want I want all the colours of the rainbow!!

On to other things, we got a Christmas tree last week, and are planning to decorate it this weekend! Off to metro tonight to find some cool ornaments for the tree! This year's tree is...RED AND SILVER!!