January 28, 2013

What's inside my makeup bag?

This is my lately collection of items in my makeup bag. Being pregnant doesn't leave you much time nor energy to put on makeup everyday, so I have an express makeup kit that takes me about 1 minute to make myself not look extremely tired from nights of insomnia.

I am a big fan of drugstore cosmetics, because all fancy makeup usually comes from the same factory as your over the counter cover girl lipsticks. So here's what I've got inside my bag!

1. Maybeline Colossal mascara This is about $8-$12 at your drugstore, makes eyelashes really black and full! Comes in waterproof and regular. I am currently using the regular one, and it's pretty waterproof, doesn't smudge at the end of the day.

2. Essie Sand Topez nail polish This was in my bag, just for the days that I am bored, and could use a freshen up on my nails! $9.99

3. Annabelle Smoothliner eyeliner Probably the best waterproof pencil liner I have ever used. This is cheap and effective! Goes on smooth and easy, and it really does not smudge! No eyelid crease lines! $6.99 at superstore!

4. Burt’s Bees lip balm 100% natural with kokum butter. It doesn't really condition well if your lips are always chapped. I only got it because of its 100% natural content, so I feel safe ingesting the lip balm.

5. Tweezerman mini tweezer To get rid of those unsightly eyebrows and hairs in odd places....This is a travel size, the mini~! Great to have for those embarrassing growth. $15 at Sephora.com

6. Mac eyelash curler I've had this curler for ages, it doesn't do much since I don't have much eyelash, but it does make it curl and easier to apply mascara! $24 now at M.A.C.

7. Rimmel Pink Sorbet blush I got this at Shoppers Drugmart because of the name! I like the colour, a soft healthy pink tone that looks natural. I think it's about $5-$8. I can't remember.

8. Paul & Joe creamy powder foundation I don't usually wear foundation, mostly just moisturizer and tinted moisturizer and a little powder to set. This is perfect for light coverage just to even the skin tone a bit. My last two powder compacts have been from Paul & Joe because I simply love the packaging and also the soft and natural effect of their powders. I got this from Taiwan for about $35 CAD. This is sold at Sears for $55.. and I just discovered this new website of cheaper cosmetics! http://www.beautyhabit.com/ It is sold on Beauty Habit for $40!! A steal..sort of.

Lastly, I forgot to include an eyeliner sharpener. You need to have it in your bag!! Or else you'd be scratching your eyelids with dull eyeliner!

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