January 17, 2013

New hobby

I learned how to knit a few years ago, and have been infatuated with handmade craft since. Knitting is a relaxing hobby, but it is not as satisfying because it takes a really long time before a project is complete. It takes weeks to make a scarf, hours to make a hat. Every winter I pick up knitting again, because it is cold and I would like to make some warm objects for family and friends! My latest creations this year included 2 popcorn scarves for myself and my mom, a long scarf for husband, and an ongoing baby blanket for my unborn child! It takes a lot of perseverance and free time to knit these suckers. I've recently gained a lot of extra free time (because I am preggers and not really mobile to hang out) so I was reading some craft blogs and decided to learn how to make some makeup cases. One day of blog reading and I was determined to sew! The following day I picked up my mom's sewing machine and paid a visit at Fabricland. Now I am making makeup bags, pillow cases, heat pack, card holders, and more to come! Fabric shopping is especially exhilarating. All the prints and colors are so beautiful! I am going to perfect my sewing skills and hopefully start selling these babies online. I've placed a couple in my store but no one has bought one yet :( This will be something nice to do while I am at home taking care of a newborn baby. Hopefully I can buy some new fabric soon! But first things first, I need to buy more material to make my next invention, ipad sleeves!!!! Stay tuned for my etsy.com store...hehe handmade goodies are coming your way!!!

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