January 09, 2013

What did Santa bring for Christmas?

So it's finally over! bye bye 2012!! Hello 2013! I think it's time to do some gift bragging from Christmas?! Tien got me a set of pajamas! Always a great gift, because who can have too many pjs? I also got goodies in my stocking, a Hello Kitty cup along with a small Hello Kitty Charm! Got two soft jersey knit shirts from the Gap, these are good for pregnant peeps because it's soft and long enough to cover the belly. Got a Hello Kitty bobble head! Also got budget busting pearl earrings for my lonely earlobes, I like them!!

I got Tien the Dark Knight Rises Blu-ray dvd combo, I watched it with him, I think it was a pretty good gift. I also got him some socks! A lot of socks actually...A pair of iPhone compatible gloves, these are useful in the winter time and for playing words with friends. His favourite gift was the iPhone case I got him at the bargain bin at Futureshop! $4.99!!!

And of course the greatest gift of all is that giant belly I've been carrying around...please come out soon. I am feeling relentless! bahahahah

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