September 19, 2012

Long overdue post :)

So, I have not written a blog post in forever it seems. I got spammed with comments from spammers today, so that's why I've decided to take a better maintenance of my blog! Where shall we start? It seems that the last time I wrote an entry, I was still a sexy single gal! I am no more! I got married to my awesome husband in June, and we went on our honeymoon to Europe in July. It is already September, I am starting to get used to the idea of "being married" There are certainly a lot of things to adjust and to learn as a new couple.

After we came back from our 3 week honeymoon, we had a housewarming party! Finally all settled in and ready to live in our new home :) We recently purchased a new vehicle that's family friendly. Welcome to the family Mitsubishi RVR in silver!

onto other exciting news! We are expecting our first child! That's exciting, the most exciting part is buying all the miniature clothing! We are looking at strollers today! Hopefully we will find a suitable candidate :)

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