February 26, 2012

Technology killed the human interaction

As technology advances, it supposedly brought people closer on a level, because it is now easier to contact via the internet or mobile communication devices. We're all so plugged in all the time, that we are slowly forgetting the importance of human interaction and face to face communication.

At restaurants I often see tables of friends and couples sitting in silence because everyone is on their mobile devices. The world is increasingly growing quieter as people minimize verbal conversation, and it is reduced to electronic communication by email, by social media. I must admit, at times I fall into the same situation, instead of having small chats before the food arrives, I too, stare at my phone, hoping to connect with a friend or two through facebook, when there is already a friend who sits across the table.

Technology has blinded us, it has inhibited our ability to communicate, to connect. We are so connected to the internet and the world wide web that we hadn't realized that we've lost immense connection with the ones around us. I am so tired of being connected.

Quality time no longer meant having heartfelt conversations, it meant watching television together, while surfing on the iPad, and reading news on the iPhone. We've gotten so good at multi-tasking that we've forgotten what it is like to do one single thing wholeheartedly.

From now on, I will make an effort to connect with those that I love and care for, and reduce the usage of electronic devices. I don't want to be a slave to technology. I need to regain and reconnect with the world without being dragged around by the internet. I was starting to lose grasp of what it meant to be a human being.

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  1. It also boggles my mind when someone at the table is upset and all he/she does is take out their phone and post their frustrations on facebook or twitter rather than talk it out with the person in front of him/her, and then to have that person find out what was posted about them, which could cause an unnecessary rift, miscommunication or misunderstanding between them.

    Great blog A!