January 10, 2012

Year 2011 in recap

Over the past year I haven't dedicated enough time for blogging, mostly because the business is busy moving and life has been really hectic. Here's some of the highlights of 2011.

Nothing much happened in January and February...

Started my lookbook account, and took several outfit photos! This did not last long...since it was very time consuming!

March was also a devastating time for Japan and Libya.

My LG phone died, so we had to charge it old school way.

And Tien bought an iPad!

Also the month that I found out I am now lactose intolerant....

We took a trip down to Bellevue and watched an awesome Canucks playoff game there! Also went to eat dumpling at Dim Tai Fu, and dinner at Wild Ginger! Really fun trip :)

I got an early birthday present in May! It was iPhone 4!!! Thanks hunnie :)

June was also a really sad month, where we lost in game 7, the stanley cup finals :(

People were kind enough to clean up the street after the terrible riot.

We decided to start project 365 to document 1 year of our lives! This project has deem to be quite successful!

My cousin came to visit us in July!

And we took our annual EVO convention trip to Las Vegas :)

Where I saw the world's top street fighters and also Celine Dion!!!!

We took some baller photos in August.

We celebrated Tien's birthday with some camping and picnicking around the park!

It was a beautiful summer.

It was a really long summer, it didn't end until last week of September. We still had gorgeous sunshine.

We also discovered tasty cheese fondue, where we would visit many more times over the months.

This halloween we were beauty and the beast!

We also had a nice high tea to celebrate Lilly's engagement!

Tien's surprise proposal!

Even though we had plans to get married, and we already booked a venue, I was still quite shocked and surprised when he popped the question and showed the ring! LOVE YOU!

saw lots of friends and talked about wedding details!

Finally, last month before the new year. This was an eventful year. We had a really good Christmas with lots of gifts. Even though we did set a budget and a shortlist of gifts, we ended up with more than we were expecting!

I thought it was a portable harddrive! I didn't even bother to open it! but it was a sweater!!!

Christmas day on Whistler!

There some good and sad moments in 2011, and hopefully the new year will bring us strength we need. Family, friends, and loved ones will give you the strength you seek, and in turn we shall support them all the way. 2012 is a new year for new beginnings and new adventures. Let us embrace 2012 and say thanks to all the challenges and experiences that 2011 had given us.

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