December 11, 2011

Please train your employees better, Bonnie Brooks!

I love the Bay for its vast variety and selection of brands, and its occasional sales, but lately I have not appreciate their customer service!!!!

On two separate occasions I have had to deal with incompetent cashiers and misleading sale signs that indicated otherwise.

Tomorrow I will attempt to visit the Bay again for my price adjustment, hopefully I can find someone who is able to understand what the meaning of Price Adjustment is.

Anywho, I wrote a complaint email to The Bay, hoping they will train their staff and educate them better to service the customers' need.

Below is a letter to Bonnie!!

"I was at the bay twice this week, and both times I had very difficult experiences with the cashier at Surrey BC, and Metrotown Burnaby BC. First time at Surrey was the fact that sales signs indicated 40% off hudson room pyjama set, but at the cash register it came up only 30%. I went into the store 3 days later to find the items I had purchased were marked down, brought in receipt for price adjustment, but cashier was incompetent and could not complete the price adjustment, because she was simply scanning my receipt and refunding my original purchased price, telling me, "no the item is not on sale, look it's the same price." I am visiting the bay again tomorrow to find a different cashier and hopefully she will complete a correct price adjustment. I have been utterly frustrated with your services."

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