December 09, 2011

Open house + wishlist!

Open house is one of the things you do not go to if you don't want to trigger the inner shopper. Once you step into a beautifully designed room, you'll start to envision yourself in the space, and all the furniture and accessories that you want to buy and make the place feel like home.

Thing I like for the home decor!
Sun Jar $35

Tree wall decal $28

Awesome Jewellery box for all the goodies $148

Cute dishes for all the fun accessories! $29

Hello Kitty sewing machine

Since I was on the urban outfitter website, I decided to venture over the clothing section!

Pretty Dress $32

And the Keds ($29.99) that were on sale at the bay one day, then not on sale the next day! Is on sale at urban

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