December 08, 2011


It is the Christmas season, which is also the season to reflect on the whole year, and what we are grateful for, and look forward to the new year with new hope and wishes!

Speaking of Christmas, first thing that comes to mind is the holiday drinks at Starbucks!

So my favourite drink is the creme caramel brulee latte! I was waiting patiently in line the other day for my favourite holiday treat, as I waited for him to top off my latte with whipped cream and caramel bits, I had noticed there was a lack of golden sparkles on my mountain of whipped goodness. I saw the barista searching frantically for that magical bottle of caramel salt!! He didn't tell me that they were out of caramel bits and I could feel sadness grow inside me. As I reluctantly picked up a lid and moved towards my not-so-brulee latte, a light of hope came from the back room! Someone yelled and said, "here are some caramel sprinkles!!" IT was a Christmas miracle!! My barista soon came over to my already covered drink, and said he is glad I stuck around, because it isn't a caramel brulee latte without the bits!!!! He then sprinkles generously on my latte! It was the best day ever!

Back to nostalgia....I miss all the olden day stuff, like Sega genesis..Someone lend me their console so I can play World of Illusion, my favourite game as a child! Also Aladdin!

Remember Rocketmail?!?! Subspace? All the old stuff made life so fun and exciting! Facebook is no longer fun and exciting for me.... :(

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