October 01, 2011

It's getting cold

So, I've come to realize that I am in desperate need of wintery apparel. I don't exactly have a flattering winter coat, nor a warm scarf, or snow-proof boots. This winter I will be on the lookout for some practical and sexy items. Here's a pair of boots I saw at the mall the other day. Aren't you surprised to see winter boots so early in the season? It's never too early! I remember last year when it snowed for the first time, everyone was at Richmond Centre buying boots. crazy!

A nice pair of waterproof boots from ecco. I am not a huge believer in buying UGG boots, because they are expensive as hell, and does not do well in wet winters. I think waterproof boots will be more practical~ $270 is a bit on the high end of shoes....for me at least.

We went to eat cheese fondue last night at Capstone on Robson street.

Pretty tasty and perfect portions for 2 people! They also have all you can eat chocolate fondue! Only $10 :) I prefer cheese because savory never gets dull!

We went to Ikea today! It is always fun to hit up the furniture store and check out clean and neat rooms!

Hopefully we'll start seeing some winter coats in the mall soon!! Until then!

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