September 22, 2011

Mama needs new shoes

So, lately I've realized that when I wear my city flats from the Gap ( I love them because they are comfortable, but I hate them because they hurt after an 6 hour work shift, due to lack of sole.) if I walked in wet areas, water would seep inside!

It has been several months, but I finally took a good look at my flats today, and dum dum dum, there are holes on the side. I've only bought this a couple of months ago! Why is it broken?! So sad, but luckily it was only $12 :)

I think this is a valid reason to purchase a new pair of shoes. I am looking for real sensible soles that I can at least wear up to 8 hours without any pain. I am hoping some of the new flats from Aldo this season will be comfortable, or else I have to resort to ugly but comfortable merrell shoes...

Here are some cute ones from Aldo

$50 :)

Also, it is time to get rid of some old shoes/new shoes and useless stuff lying around the house! eBay sale! I am excited to sell my junk!!

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