October 02, 2011

in love with Kate

Recently, I had the chance to come by a couple of Kate Spade products. I must say, I approve! The first Kate Spade product being my iPhone case, I love it :)

Kate Spade's style is sophistication with a touch of whimsical fun! That is me! I used to love Marc Jacobs + Marc by Marc Jacobs, but lately I am feeling more like Kate Spade! I love the preppiness of it, and the pop of colour. Marc Jacobs is all about simplicity with very subtle colours.

My iphone case!

Baby bag that I recently purchased for my cousin!

And bangles that I want to buy...........!!!!

I am obsessing over bangles lately, since I don't wear necklaces, and rings get real annoying at work. I think bangles is the way to go for accessorizing in the fall!
These coach bangles are too cute!

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