August 12, 2011


The summer is already half gone, yet we still haven't gotten any decently hot weather. Fear not, I just came back from Las Vegas about 2 weeks ago, and is dying for more sun!! Here's a recap of what happened during my trip!

We saw Celine Dion on the first night! Which was extremely epic!! I have to say I got goosebumps throughout the whole show!

After the show, we visited EVO 2011, gaming tournament for fighting games like streetfighter, and I got photos with the world's top fighters! I was super stoked! Here is me with Daigo Umehara!

We wore our custom tshirts during the tournament finals, and got a lot of stares and drools over our tshirts!

The trip was relatively relaxing with awesome food! We finally took a dip in the pool! So refreshing! I also got a chance to utilize my new bikini :)

P.S. I am working on my portfolio site, so I can start accepting website design cases...woot woot

We'll end the blog with this awesome picture

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