August 18, 2011

Cargo + Weekend at Granville Island

Cargo is a 2009 Swiss production. We watched this on Netflix about 2-3 weeks ago. At first we were drawn to this particular movie because it reminded me of Sunshine (2007 British Science Fiction film) The whole big spaceship in the endless space and the people on board starts to go crazy?! I am a closet sci-fi geek. Anyway! Cargo had that same feel, so we watched it!

Not to give anything away, this is the gist of the movie. A crew is set out for a 8 year voyage to transport some cargo to some planet's orbit station! At this point, Earth was inhabitable, and many people have moved to a new planet, Rhea. The main character is a doctor who boards this 8 year cargo voyage to make enough money to buy a Visa to Rhea, where her sister lives. The journey is smooth until something eerie starts happening on the ship! The rest is for you to find out... :)

[REC], is a Spanish horror film, also available on Netflix! I am a big fan of Spanish horror films, Pan's Labyrinth, The Orphanage, are amongst my top horror favourite! [REC] might be amongst the top 5! The movie is filmed using shaky camera style, which causes motion sickness, not my favourite. Although I believe this type of shaky cam does add to the scary aspect. I was most impressed with how many of the shots were a one continuous take (mind that they could have had many takes, but it was still nonetheless impressive) Another thing about shaky cam style, is the lack of music! Usually scary movies have suspenseful music that help s you anticipate the AHHHS. This is straight up REAL STUFF. I felt really immersed, as if I was in the movie! The synopsis of the movie is a tv show that is filming a day with firefighters, and is caught in some firefighting business! In the middle of the night, fire department gets a call to a building, regarding some screaming. Once they've entered the building, no one gets out. Everyone is confused and scared, what is going on?! Cops and authority quarantine the building without telling them anything. People are dying....?!? WATCH IT. There is also an American adaptation, Quarantine, I have yet to see it.

On to less scarier things, we visited Granville island over the weekend, and it was nice weather and Vancouver is just absolutely stunning!

The summer is ALMoST over, so go outside, and get dirty!

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