April 29, 2011

Spring warobe additions

Sometimes it takes me a season or two before I adapt the hottest trend, because it is daunting to try new things! Like the skinny jeans, it took me almost a year before i was brave enough to trifle in them cigarette legs, and I've never looked back! And tights/legging, I thought the whole thing was tacky, but look at us now! It's an essential in our wardrobe. Trends come and go, so don't splurge on a trendy piece unless you think you can work it into your everyday wardrobe.

Maxi Dress
By now you must have seen maxi dresses taking up racks at the shops! Last year's comfy maxi trend is still hot for this summer. Don't be wary if you're short, maxi dresses actually make you look taller! Just try to be careful not to choose a overpowering piece that may swallow you. Also, try to piece interesting jewelery or a belt, so you don't end up looking too plain and maternal. I finally got myself a plain red maxi, and can't keep my eyes off maxi dresses in the mall! I saw a nice turquoise one today, and I am planing to go try it on this week.

Heidi Klum looking maternal and sexy!

Denim Jacket
Denim has come back in a big way, and a denim jacket is a chic addition. Many have seen paring the jacket with girly floral dresses, or denim over denim! Personally, I had one or two denim jackets when I was in elementary school, and I am not ready to venture this jacket just yet. It is really not my style. Denim jackets give me a sense of more free-spirited style, and my style is uptight! Bahah.

I wanted to get a romper two years ago, but when I was brave enough to try it on, I felt like a 2 year old. baahaha. But the fit was awkward, and I was apprehensive about going to the ladies room with a romper! So this time around, I was shopping frequently at XXI and when I saw my romper, last one in the store, I had to get it! Impulsive, I know :)

This is not my romper, but sure is cute with the pockets and all!

Belts + Scarf
I never thought I'd be loving belts, but I really think sometimes a belt just puts the finishing touches on an outfit. This year it's all about the skinny belts that sit at your natural waistline. I am also in love with silk scarves. I am not sure if it is my maturing age, but I love scarves! Silk scarves are usually worn by more mature women, but this year you can see that scarves are being worn by the younger crowd too. Sometimes a simple knot around the neck really embellishes a simple outfit. Or you can choose to wrap it on your head like a headband, which is my favourite! The scarves and belts adds a wad of feminine energy! Lady like attire!

Nicole Richie rocking some scarf!

On to sadder news, I've officially taken down http://chenannie.com since the domain expired as of yesterday. The days of being a designer with an online portfolio is over. :(

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