May 01, 2011

NHL Player Look-a-likes

Antti Niemi VS. Leonardo DiCaprio

Ex Blackhawks goalie, is now the San Jose Sharks Goaltender


Ryan Getzlaf VS Prince Willam

Getzlaf and his receding hairline.

The Royal Wedding!

Kevin Bieksa VS Jesse Kovacs (From the Bachelor reject Pad)

Looking good!

Roberto Luongo VS. Sacha Baron Cohen

Bobby with his curls!

It's sexy time, Borat!

Ryan Kesler VS. Jim Halpert (From the office)

Kesler looking business casual!

John Krasinski as Jim Halpert from the office!

Shea Weber VS. Spartan

Playoff beard..

Soon to be...

Last but not least... Herik Sedin VS. Daniel Sedin

GO Canucks Go!!!

*Can you guess which one is my favourite lookalike?!

1 comment:

  1. Leo. Wish he was a canuck. But Kevin is obviously not bad either.