April 28, 2011

Source Code

Source Code ★★★ ½ ☆
I know I haven't done any movie reviews since No Strings Attached. Here's a movie I saw a few weeks ago. Source Code: starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Michelle Monaghan. The basic storyline is, a soldier is on a mission to find out the bomber of a Chicago Train. Although everyone on the train is already dead, the soldier is under some new military technology that allowed him to go back to 8 minutes before the train exploded as one of the passengers, and find out what happened. It is like a type of time traveling but not. The concept of the movie derives from the idea of computer programming, source code, where programmers can essentially understand and modify the program. To put it in simple terms, an iphone app is a program that runs on the iphone, but to understand how it works and to modify this app, one would need to use the source code and change the coding.

Like the app, the soldier needs to go back to the event, and try to figure out who's the bomber, where's the bomb, and so forth. I will not spoil the ending for people who have yet to see this movie, but I have to say the movie was pretty entertaining but I wished the ending was better executed with thorough explanation and justification, because it didn't seem legitimate.

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