April 28, 2011

All clogged up?

If you've been paying attention to your face, you may notice sometimes it changes! BAHAH!

So, for the longest time I had combination skin with oily tzone. After a couple of years into university, I had wonderful skin! Not too oily and only the occasional pimple! Although I've never had major acne problems, I always battled with my own fidgety hands. I was my own skin's worst enemy. I loved to pick away at my face, any chance I got at squeezing some whiteheads/blackheads, I was ecstatic! I went through a couple of rough patches when I decided staying up till 6am and drinking 2-3 cups of coffee was a good idea. My skin was screaming for help. So I stopped that lifestyle. Recently my skin has become more sensitive. The cheeks are drier than usual, and the bumps.

Let me tell you about the bumps. They are like clogged pores on my forehead and my chin. Slight round elevation that are not red, nor white, just bumps everywhere. The first time it happened I attributed it to stress, but 3-4 months went by, and the bumps did not go away but had worsen! I was in a panic! By a coincidence, I saw in a clinic waiting room, in a magazine it had mentioned a toner which was good for acne prone skin. So I went and bought it, along with some benzoyl peroxide. I had been using salicylic acid acne cream for the longest time with no noticeable results, so I decided to try benzoyl peroxide. I also read that benzoyl peroxide worked well together with glycolic acid from the toner! And just like that, my bumps went away in a matter of days. It was clear skin again. I couldn't believe it! Later my friend told me that mineral powder made her break out in bumps too. So I stopped using my mineral stuff! I had been bump free for almost a year, but just about last month, the bumps came back! I hadn't been using the toner and had major red patch reaction to my benzoyl peroxide. It could be the change in weather or the heavy night cream, or the new makeup I had been using. Anyhow, I went to shoppers and picked up another bottle of Neostrata's toning solution! When the toner is used in combination with the benzoyl peroxide cream I don't have such a severe reaction! Weird! I've been using the toner for about a week now, and my bumps are down to 10% :) It is always difficult to find the culprit, but I'll watch out for new products I use.

Hello clear skin, here I come :)

These are the two products that got rid of my bumps. YAY!

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