April 09, 2011

Dilemma solved

So, by now you've heard about my sad news of a broken phone that is being charged by some stripped wires. My crappy LG keybo finally gave up over the week, and I am sustaining its life by powering straight to the battery.

I guess it was almost time for a new phone. Although I was less than ecstatic about a new phone. The idea of a new cellular mobile was intimidating. The fear of becoming a phone zombie, a hefty data plan, and touchscreen, were holding me back from wanting a new phone. I was torn between getting a new phone or downgrade from my current phone. Downgrading seemed like the logical choice, since I use my phone for the bare minimums composing of text messages and talking. I really didn't need all the fancy google map and angry birds. On the other hand, downgrading also meant I needed to fork up some money, about $100 just for a crappy phone. Whereas, I can get a spanking new smartphone for about the same price (with a 3 year relationship, of course). I was beginning to feel that if I don't jump on the smartphone bandwagon soon, I would become a senile and obsolete old maiden!

So, I eventually thought I should get an iPhone4, since it is pretty simple to use, and I've already familiarized myself with the iPhone3. I was researching some phone plans and came to a conclusion that I was not ready to pay $60+ a month for services that I'll probably won't use. A phone is a phone. I remember when things were simple, now it is so complicated and nitty gritty. I hate dealing with phone companies, because I feel like they are always out to get you and your money. It is impossible to outsmart the companies, unless they are willing to be completely transparent about their operations and tell you how much a text message actually costs (it costs the company almost nothing to send a text, yet they charge you what 15 cents?) Anyway, I am sure everyone has had their fair share of frustrations with cellphone companies.

Below is the evolution of my dilemma solution
1. Get a new phone from Koodo!
2. Realized koodo has poor phone selections, get stuck stressing about phones.
3. Say byebye to Koodo and get with Fido
4. Get a crappy phone from Fido for free!
5. Get a crappy phone from Koodo for $100!
6. Get a better phone from Fido
7. Get the iPhone4 and be really cool
8. Keep using broken LG and wait for iPhone5
9. Get an iPhone4 and use cool apps like calender in place of my agenda
10. Checked out rogers, telus, fido, mobilicity, and realized how much I love Koodo
11. Hating on expensive data plans
12. Get an iPhone4 with no data, and defeat purpose of a smartphone
13. Feel sad about having an iPhone but no web capabilities
14. Checks Koodo website for sim card capabilities
15. Finds out Koodo has sim cards! Smiles! Looking for old phone as replacement :)

In the end, I realized that Koodo sells sim cards, so I can just pay $10 and find an unlocked old cell, then I can use it for now :)

I am really happy I found this! I didn't want a new phone for a lot of the reasons I listed above, but most of all, I was not mentally ready for a new phone. Smartphones are scary and so are the data plans. I don't really need all the fancy stuff! I am just glad that koodo now has sim cards. Yay dilemma solved.

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  1. oooh I have that dilemma now, I wish I had an old phone... so for now I'm without cellphone.
    and I guess I will buy in the end some smart phone even I also only use phones for talking and texting, but I guess in the end you get used to the what the smart phone as to offer and can't leave without it hhehe