April 07, 2011

Sakura Festival

Yna, Yohei, Tien, and I went to the Sakura festival over the weekend. It was held at the VanDusen Garden on Oak Street. It was really cold that day, and terrible time to be at the botanical garden. It was too early for flowers! Nevertheless, we got some awesome photos.

I am a willow tree

I am a bamboo

So, after the garden, Tien decides he wants an iPad2. Then we began our search over town for the limited supply of iPad2. I called more than 40 places, and got denied so many times. Also got fooled into some false hopes! But nevertheless, found ourselves an iPad2 in Langley! 4 days worth of searching and waiting! Hardwork does prevail!

iPad2 :)

Also, I made a mini purchase at Oakridge Mall on sunday. A plain black skirt from Aritzia! Good for work and everyday wear. I am wearing it as I type.

Last but not least, some sad news. My LG lame phone has been acting up weird lately, shutting off on its own more frequently. Almost everyday. Today it finally gave up. I was trying to charge it, but nothing happened. I googled, and found out this was a common problem with my LG phone. I was sad, since I was not ready to get a new phone, and along with all the fancy dataplan. I was also not ready to get a crappy phone, and be stuck with it for another 3 years before I upgrade. I found myself in a dilemma. That's when I turned to youtube. I found that I could strip the charger wires and charge the phone battery directly! Hopefully this will work for a few days as I figure out my next phone plans.

exposed wires!

Oh look, it is full bars :)

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