April 11, 2011

Manic Monday

Over the weekend, Nick Lee was kind enough to provide me a cellphone to use for the time being. I shall see in the near future if I am ready for a new phone, but now I am grateful for friends who have 3G phones lying around the house!

I also found an unlocking guru Rakesh on craigslist! He does all kinds of unlocking from almost any carrier! Here's his ad on craigslist! http://vancouver.en.craigslist.ca/rds/mob/

He only charged me $8, and the service was really quick, about half an hour and he sent the unlocking codes to me! Unlike those shops in Aberdeen, demanding a price of about $30-50 and 3 hour wait time. Herro?! Unethical!!! Anyway if you need unlocking, Rakesh is fast and cheap! You can call him at 604-889-6150

Anyway, this Sunday was another epic sunday! Got a new haircut, a birthday dress, and a working phone! This is all very exciting. Also, the playoffs start in a few days! Time to get that canucks flag up! I am participating in my first hockey pool this week. I am sooo nervous! Wish me luck :)

I need to add more photos to my blog, it is starting to look dull!

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