January 24, 2011

We do everyday like Sunday.

Since the Oscar nominations are in tomorrow, I have to start watching some contenders! We saw Fighter last week, this week it was the much anticipated Black Swan.

If you haven't seen the movie, here's the dealio. Nina (Natalie Portman) plays the perfectionist ballerina, who is denied the role of Swan Queen, because she is too perfect, and only suited to play White Swan. Lily (Mila Kunis) is a more passionate dancer, that display potential for the sensual Black Swan. When the two compete for the role of Swan Queen, Nina finds a dark side of herself..

The movie is thrilling! Displaying an array of psychological stuff! The struggles of an artist, the obsession of perfection, the fear of being replaced by your double. Other notable psychological concepts, lack of social interaction, extremely protective and controlling mother, symptoms of delusion and Morgellons (a condition involving scratching of the skin, biting, skin lesions, and a belief that fibers are embedded under the skin.. etc.) Also, there is some graphic girl on girl action, perhaps a search of her sexual orientation.

I would give this movie the thumbs up! I enjoy seeing character development that eventually conquers! The movies keeps you guessing, if it is all Nina's hallucination, or was she simply a victim of unfortunate events? I felt that the movie gave a sympathetic angle to Nina's life, allowing the audience to feel for her.

My favourite part of the movie..so cool

On to happier things!
The weekend started off early, 11am brunch date at White Spot. Had a veggie egg benedict. Tasty!

Then we went to Aberdeen for a haircut! Also to buy ingredients for my next dish! Braised green beans! Here's us dorking out at Aberdeen centre with all the Chinese New Year festivities.

Dinner was at 4Stones in Richmond, on Westminster Road. I had the wonton noodle soup!

After dinner was Black Swan! Pretty eventful day, I'd say!

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