January 24, 2011

Movies to watch before the big date Feb 27th!

So they announced the nominations for Oscars today! I am stoked this year, because Leonardo DiCaprio made a movie! Inception might be a contender, but least likely to be best lead actor. :( That's ok LEO there's still next year!!

A couple of notable things in the nominations. The King's speech swept 12 nominations, followed by 10 nominations for True Grit, 8 for Social Media and 8 for Inception. Can you believe Christopher Nolan didn't get nominated for best director?! WHAT THE HELL?

Anyway, I am watching the King's Speech tomorrow night! YAY.

I'm hoping to watch the following soon
  • 127 Hours
  • Blue Valentine
  • Rabbit Hole
  • The Kind's Speech
  • The Social Media ( I don't really want to see it, but it got so many awards at the Golden Globes.)
  • Morning Glory
  • Eat, Pray, Love (Just because the book was so slow and dreadful.)

    Also, some exciting stuff in the cinemas!!

    If you haven't read the book, Water for Elephant, it is time to do so!!!
    The book is about a traveling circus! All the fun Carnies have :)
    Also, some paraelle to biblical references, and a reflection of the depression times.

    wait for it...wait for it...!! A film adaptation for the book! Staring Reese Witherspoon and Rpatz~!
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    1. -ya, weird that inception didn't get a best director nom.
      -the king's speech was phenomenal, heh?
      -what the hell is blue valentine even about? i can't figure it out from the trailer
      -the social network is actually a surprisingly good movie
      -ahahaha about eat, pray, love ..i heard the movie is really slow ..is the book just like that, too? i wonder why ppl love it so much