January 21, 2011


What I watched last week on Netflix.com

TiMER, is a sci-fi-romantic-comedy about a device that counts down to the moment you meet your soulmate. The main character, Oona, is fast approaching 30 years of age, and her TiMER is still blank, meaning her soulmate has not yet been equipped with a TiMER.
She is in distress, because she's beginning to believe that she'll never find her soulmate. Meanwhile, she meets a cashier boy, and they start to develop a relationship, despite the fact he is TiMER-less. Cashier boy reminds Oona to live in the present. Just as Oona begins to doubt the effectiveness of TiMER, her TiMER goes off, and she's to meet her soulmate the next day. You can watch the rest of the movie to find out what happens!

The movie really brought many aspects of "love" into the equation. Do you believe in destined soulmates? Do you believe that love is what you make of it? Do you believe that one can be in love more than once? Do you believe that there is one person who is most compatible with you, and you'll learn to love them in the long run? Does love discriminate? All in all, a real good chill movie to watch on a Wednesday afternoon.

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