November 17, 2010


So, it is apparent that UGG boots, and the likes, have been taking over winter footwear over the past couple of years. It seemed like a nasty trend that would not go away. I never enjoyed the fat furry boots, despite they bring comfort and warmth to those who wear them. Its comfort and warmth does not make it a fashion accessory. So as I walked into the Bay today, and I saw a big section selling UGG boots, and I decided to slip my foot inside the boot, and see for myself if it really is all the hype. In goes my foot, and I am not amused. It is too warm to be worn indoors, and seriously, how long are you going to be outdoors wearing these boots for? Most of the UGGs I see are worn around the mall, school, and others. We're not really outside in the freezing for more than an hour, with exception of those that need to commute, but still, they are not waterproof. Anyway, I am not a fan of this overpriced winter-fur-boot-thingy. $299 for a pair of fluffys? Really hurts my head. But not to be a hypocrite about it, I bought myself a pair of fringe infested boots on eBay last week for $35 in total. HEHEHE. Fringes!!!

Flea market adventure entry coming soon.


  1. j'love uggs (: furry boots in general. i am cold blooded. keeps me warm :D - sting

  2. same here~ even i am in tw i am alreadi wearing it~ but not for fashion .. just my cold feet is hella cold no matter where i go~ so i do wear that to keep me warm-er the whole time.