November 13, 2010

Richmond Centre!

So after a battle of horrendous mall politics, we've successfully moved from Guildford Town Centre into Richmond Centre, and that's only half the battle. There are more changes that await us, but we shall conquer them one by one. Things have been really busy around here, and it's not helping with my need to vacation! Anyway, I guess this is a part of growing up, taking on more responsibilities than leisure. Really looking forward to 2011, as things settle down and get a better grip on the business, I will feel less frazzled and more grounded. Anywho, not gonna bore you with work talk, I'm going to the vancouver flea market tomorrow with my hunnie and hopefully we'll find some interesting junk! Haven't had a day off in a while! This shall be treasured! And photos will accompany this great adventure :)

Christmas is around the corner kids, come on over to the mall and see Santa!

1 comment:

  1. yay! now I can visit you @ your store. I think Richmond is more fitted for your store no? It's AZN town ^-^