October 08, 2010

Did someone say pancakes?

Who loves pancakes?! Here we have awesome pancake stuffy, ain't it adorable?! It is from the same series as my donut stuffy

Anyway, excited for this weekend, as my hunnie and I plan to do a Sunday date day! A whole day dedicated to brunch, relaxation and of course, shopping! Perhaps I'll break out my new purse :)

P.S. My parents just informed me that security measures have increased drastically in parts of Europe due to newly gained information about terrorist activity in the area. USA is warning all citizens about travels in Europe :(

1 comment:

  1. Are those edible? Cuz I'm not interested in them unless I can eat them. hahaha

    Maybelline do make some really awesome mascara. I mean their XL (blue & white) is my go to when I want fake looking lashes.

    Have fun on your Sunday date you lucky girl you!