October 14, 2010

Let's get your Joe on.

Joe Fresh. I am sure the name might not be too unfamiliar with those who shop at Superstore. Joe Fresh is an affordable clothing solution, with an expanding side of cosmetics and bath & body products. Why is Joe so great? Because the designer behind is is Joseph Mimran! Who is Joesph Mimran? The founder of Club Monaco! If you love the sleek, simple, elegant designs of Club Monaco, then you'll love Joe Fresh :)

With simple basics, like t-shirt for $8 and trendy coats for under $50, Joe is the place to be!

Joe has opened its first flagship store in Vancouver! 540 Granville Street. 14,000 square-foot of goodies! This sunday I will spend the day with my hunnie getting a haircut at Chura, then turning the corner and bam! A shopping spree at Joe! Then we'll head off the metrotown and use the rest of my XXI store credit :)

Horray to affordable clothing!

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