October 06, 2010

Bistro Moderne

So over the weekend Tien and I went out for dinner, in celebration of 1.5 anniversary, but really we just wanted an excuse to dress up in nice clothes and be pretentious!

So we recalled that Rob Feenie used to be the head chef at Lumiere and Feenies, but he is no longer affiliated with those 2 restaurants, we decided to go and try out Feenies (or whatever new restaurant name it was under now) since we had been to Lumiere the year before and was not too impressed. The restaurant is now called Bistro Moderne, it features French cuisine with moderate pricing. The restaurant had good ambiance, without trying to hard to be fancy. Portions were a tad smaller than a regular entree, but enough room for dessert!

I order the Cauliflower risotto and Tien had the duck tortellini. We both had a sundae for dessert, an apple crumble sundae and peach sundae. We were relatively impressed with the food! I like my risotto with almonds, very nice addition! My peach sundae came with gingerbread! Helloo Christmas! Overall it was really fun and tasty. We didn't bring our camera to capture the food, next time next time!

Note to self: Bring camera everywhere :)

We made our first attempt at apple crumble on Monday night, we simply sprinkle with apples with cinnamon, sugar, and graham cracker crumbs. Then we added ice cream. The texture was off, and apparently we were missing a whole lot of ingredients and steps! hahaha But it tasted good, that's all it matters.

Also, I went to H & M today and tried on a long lepoard dress...I must say I was tempted to buy because I've been looking for a long dress for the longest time. The dress was a tad too big on me, the shoulders kept sliding off. Perhaps I will seek for a smaller size next time. The dress didn't have a definitive waist, so I look a bit preggers!

Anyway, that should sum up my days...I've been on netflix.ca like crazy :) I recently watched a good foreign film lately. called Loft. A Belgium thriller, about 5 married friends who share a loft to meet their mistresses, everything is happy and dandy until someone discovers a dead body in the loft. One of the best suspense/thriller movies I have seen in a long time. It kept me guessing till the end! Very well carried out, and superb acting! The movie is in Dutch, but the whole time I thought it was French. hahahaha

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  1. hahahaha. Does Dutch sounds a lot like French? I want a netflix account now :( I should've gotten netflix instead of cable. *sob*