September 16, 2010



So, for those unfamiliar with the term Jeggings, it is bascially denim leggings. What are leggings? Those skin tight stretchy pants, close resemblance to the stocking tights, but footless. These denim leggings have been all the hype, with magazines advertising and celebrities strutting in them.

I wanted to see for myself what these Jeggings were all about. I went on Sunday with my beau to metrotown, in hopes to find some Jeggings. We found some alright. I took home with me 2 pairs from Forever 21. One is a light wash denim colour, the other a combination of legging + jeggings. Very cool looking. As I tried them on at home, I realized that the comfort I saw in leggings were not present in these legging relatives. Leggings are usually made from some cotton material + a huge % of spandex. Making it very form fitting and comfy! These Jeggings were stiff and not so stretchy. The closest thing I could think of was the skinny jeans, and I like my skinny jeans. The jeggings did not have the shape of a skinny jean, and was awkward and tough to wear. I decided jeggings are not for me. So I returned these jeggings for store credit. I am still on the search for comfy jeggings. Perhaps some leggings that come in blue...haha.

Here are some photos of skinny jeans and jeggings. Personally, I think skinny jeans have a better fit. Jeggings are just tight. ha

Skinny Jeans

Oh, and I fell in love with a tassel dress, but Helen wouldn't let me buy it for the better of me. Little did she know...I will go find one.. :)
The fringe, the tassel just makes me wanna dance! Bring back the flapper era!!!

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  1. You don't go out after work? You can still dress up for work you know. I only go to school and I still attempt to dress up a bit :)

    Are you feeling better? The girls told me you were sicky sicky.

    I wanna try Jeggings. Don't you try them on @ the store b4 bringing them home?

  2. Oh I completely agree with you about those jeggings!!! I don't find them comfortable at all! In my own opinion I personally thought that jeggings are a bit too stiff to be considered a legging for me, they seem to be more of a "softer" jean material with a bit more stretch in them. However! I managed to find a pair of leggings that just looked like jeans but it was all made of cotton! I am in love with them and totally regret not buying three pairs of these!