September 09, 2010


So I am feeling under the weather, but I am at work, so to keep myself sane, I browse the latest shoe collection on

Look what I found.

Alexader Mcqueen Leather Jacket Bootie!

Isn't so awesome?! For $1,155 USD a pop!! HORRAY!

Currently loving Brian Atwood pumps. They are just so high! and apparently very comfortable?! ha. One of these days I will be a successful business owner that struts down the street all day in them fabulous heels!


  1. u are never in heels...
    = =

  2. How can that thing possibly comfortable? The leather of those Alexander McQueen's shoes look soooooo soft. I wanna wear them *drool*

    Guess what, I purchased the toner. hahahaha. But I got the level 1. I hope it works for my cheeks ^-^