July 14, 2010

Vegas 2010

Day 1

We rode WestJet and arrived in 40 degree Vegas weather! Off to the new city center hotel Vdara! I like this hotel because it is non-gaming and non-smoking. It was very quiet and serene, good relaxing environment. If you are looking for some excitement and gambling, Aria and Bellagio is right next door! Our first meal was these huge delicious sandwiches from the Bellagio cafe! In the evening we watched some intense matches at the EVO 2010 Street Fighter 4 semi-finals. I enjoyed it more than I'd thought I would! Gamerbee is awesome.

Day 2

Today is a day dedicated to shopping! First we had the most amazing waffles and breakfast from Paris hotel's Mon ami gabi.

After breakfast we headed back to the hotel and watched Spain take the World Cup! Tien placed a bet on Spain and won! Paul the psychic does not lie!!! Off to the Premium outlet! Tien got a few good deals on sweaters and work clothes, where as I had trouble shopping with the over crowded racks of goodies. The heat was so unbearable, and yet I wore a cardigan this whole time. People must think I am crazy. Headed over to Miracle Miles and did more shopping! This time I bought something from Sephora and H & M. Success. We saw a show at Bellagio, O by Cirque du soleil. It was pretty cool with the water and acrobats! Diving was by far my favourite part. I still liked the Beatles Love show by cirque du soleil better! Their music shall never die!

Day 3

Had lunch at the Canal Shop in Venetian. Good portion and cool atmosphere, it's like eating outdoors!

After lunch we headed over to Madame Tussauds' wax museum. It wasn't that great but it was good at killing time. Too bad there was no Leonardo DiCaprio wax figure. Here's me and Michael rocking the dance floor.

After the short tour of wax museum, we went to the fashion mall across from Wynn, of course I bought some stuff! I was very happy with my purchase today. For dinner we went to Fiamma in MGM and ordered 3 dishes for dinner. Two of which is a luscious truffle infused gnocchi. So tasty that we ordered a second one to kill the craving! TASTY. Love this restaurant, been here three times already! Then we were off to see David Copperfield. Our first magic show ever! We didn't know what to expect! It was great and very entertaining, David Copperfield is a funny man! There was a lot of audience participation and overall very mindblowing! I was one of the lucky people to go on stage for the final act and disappeared from the stage! Yay for free autographed photo of David :)

Day 4

It is sad to be leaving Vegas, but we'll be back next year to see Celine Dion. I know we go to Vegas too often, ahahah. So we had some time to kill, ate breakfast and decided to finally to gamble our last $20! Turns out, gambling is fun and I won some money :) Then we headed for the airport and it was devastating. A short flight back to YVR then breathing this fresh air! We used the new automatic self-served custom machine. Very cool! And guess who I saw? Sunil! He's a border guy! Very intimidating with his uniform. I guess that concludes the trip. Bye Vegas, till next time.

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