July 15, 2010

Vacation withdrawal

So, being home sure feels funny. We had too much fun in Vegas. Everything is so boring and mundane now. In order to counter this feeling of emptiness and hopelessness, I decided to do some at-home-vacation-activities. I am going to venture into Walmart tomorrow and buy myself a cheap and sassy bikini :)

Walmart is great for items that I'll probably wear once or twice and the price is right without feeling guilty for splurging! Hopefully this vacation withdrawal will go away as I make sexy purchases! mwuahahah. I like stuff!

Anywho, weather has been amazing in Vancouver, I shall make use of it by going outdoors and breathing the air. The next two weeks will be busy for me, then August I will be free as a birdie, who works monday to friday :)

Good night friends.

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