July 04, 2010

The art of mango pudding

So it's been a while since I last posted a blog entry. I was too devastated by the fall of my macbook, though fear not, it has been revived. Although it seems that it did not recover 100%. I guess it is getting old. All my data have been lost on an inaccessible harddrive. I will find some computer geek to help me!

So over the weekend I went to Castle fun park with a bunch of people! For those of you don't know, castle fun park is located in Abbotsford. It consist of 3 mini golf courses, go-cart, bumper cars, indoor driving range, batting cage, indoor soccer, shooting range, and an arcade! I loved the mini golf, although I sucked in the begging. Also batting cage was awesome. Some stuff were pretty lame, but the kids seem to enjoy it! It was a happy Canada day for everyone!

Click on me for full size map!


So back to my original topic, mango pudding. We went for dimsum again today, and if you like mango pudding, then you're in for a treat. First when you sit down, order the mango pudding off the bat. Then let it sit at room temperature and marinate in the milk. After you are done eating dimsum, it will already been 30 minutes, the mango pudding is now soft and velvety, it will blow your mind. Note that this trick will only work with the pudding in a cup/bowl, for those that come in a mold shape, I don't think it will have the same effect! Anywho, bought some hand soap at Bath & Body Works today, and found a nice long dress I like from the Gap. Hoping to purchase it when I am in the U S of A next week! YAY!

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