June 25, 2010

bye bye macbook

By now some of you may be aware that my macbook has fallen on the ground and unable to revive itself. Although I have dropped it numerous times in the past, this time it gave up on me! Due to my clumsy nature, I have not exactly been kind to my macbook. Serves me right. I suppose now I will be on the lookout for a new laptop..electronics are so dispensable. For the time being, I moved the office's desktop to my room, and enjoying the 22" monitor, although the dislike for PC computers still exist, because it has too many wires. My boyfriend has volunteered his old school IBM think pad for my daily usage of facebook/youtube/twitter/blog. These think pads are suppose to be super durable because this thing is like 8 years old. I used a thinkpad before when I worked at bestbuy, it was okay, it never crashed though...so I guess it's good.

I just spent the last half hour cleaning every key and the screen inside out. Now it looks super clean. I don't think I have a cleaning problem..

Anywho, time to get cracking on the new laptop ideas.. :)

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  1. I'm sorry, but we all know you have a cleaning problem. Stop living in denial.