June 17, 2010

Pocky Fever ♥

I heart Pocky. I just down 2 packs of strawberry pocky. Check out how lucky Japanese people are with their pocky vending machine.

I would love to try all the flavours of pocky! For your entertainment I will blog about some interesting flavours!

Brazilian Pudding! Never seen it before! Want to try it. Apparently brazilian pudding is a family relative of creme caramel! Should be tasty.

Check out Pineapple Cream. Weird? Maybe delicious.

While browsing for photos of pocky online, I realize that most flavours are attainable via Amazon . My god, what has the world come to! I will be making a snack purchase from amazon very soon!!

If you're interested in the many flavours of pocky, please check the pocky gallery.

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