June 16, 2010

Learn to love your age

The stigma of age for women has been an ongoing battle for women everywhere. Young girls growing up with media pressure of how a beautiful woman should look. What it means to be beautiful, to be thin, to be perfect. Many vulnerable ladies fall victim to the mass beauty marketing campaign.

Despite the pressure young girls faces these days, the aging ladies have it hard too. The media's constant obsession with youth and vitality, celebrities, public figures are looking younger than ever. They say 40 is the new 30, which really means if you're 40, people are expecting you to look like you're only 30! With all the advance surgical tweaks, it could take years off a woman's face.

Any skincare product for women over the age 25 has the word, anti-age, wrinkle, youth, written all over it! Do we really detest the idea of age progression? We know aging is inevitable, how can we fight it? With bottles and needles? I think I am finally becoming comfortable with myself to love myself and the aging part! I will learn to take care of my body and hoping not fall victim to plastic surgery. Age is just another number, no?


  1. Annie...create paragraphs? It's easier on the eyes ^-^

    It is hard...not only the media but everyone around you believe in the hype too. I'm a major victim of it all. I use so many products on my face but I don't think it's doing very much. lol.

  2. Matureness is the beauty that never will always stay with you : )