March 20, 2010


I've been meaning to get a new watch, or replace the battery on my old one. But who doesn't want a new watch? I know I sound like I'm spending my life away buying useless items, but trust me, a watch is a real investment! It tells me that I am not wasting my life!!!!

So here are a few contenders.

Tailgate - Philippe Starck for Fossil $125 USD

Here's the watch I wanted to get a few months ago around Christmas time, but Canada was too pricy, and the fossil website had no white in stock. We're in luck it is back in stock! Only thing though, it seems too trendy and white leather will deteriorate like my blue leather strap...gross.

Here is another one by Starck

Kind of looks like tupperwear?

Fossil has made their version of the classic gucci bangle watch!
It is even adjustable! Horray for technology.

Lucy Collection by Fossil
$95 USD
Water Resistant: Up to 5 ATM
Warranty: 11-year limited

Compare Gucci at

$795 CAD +
Water Resistant: Up to 3 ATM
Warranty: 2-year limited

And what of a manly watch for a feminine woman like myself?!

Boyfriend watch by Fossil $105 USD

Since the Canadian Loonie is way up, I think maybe a trip down to the good old U.S of A to make some purchases? If not, order online? Must go to fossil in Metrotown to check out these possible watches for Annie!

Time is ticking!

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