March 20, 2010


Recently I've been busy, and as with stress comes the customary bad skin. I've notice the bumpy texture of my usual smooth surfaces, and marks left by sun exposure and time. I realize...I am aging! Woman's decline from her prime is creeping in slowly, but surely. I am not getting any younger...A thought that is more haunting than scary.

My tummy is churning with hunger, and I don't feel 100% comfortable about leaving the hotel room. Though it has been a dead and quiet morning for Peony at the shoe show, perhaps it is a good exposure to be in the directory guide! Put our name out there, and let people familiarize with us! The company needs to undergo some changes in order to find the right market. Quiet lonely day. I am so hungry. I shall venture to crystal mall for a quick bite. Hope no customers come by and misses me!

1 comment:

  1. Annie, expose your shop on Facebook. It's a seriously awesome marketing tool. That plus your blog :) I've been looking for a new bag and for some reason I have never been to your bag store :(