March 21, 2010

Always the bridesmaid, never the bride

WTF. I am never the bridesmaid. Someone get marry please so I can be a bridesmaid :)
I just went over to Save-on Foods this morning to buy some food. Croissants, instant noodles, and a magazine to help me past time!

Luckily, today there are a lot of interesting people online to keep me occupied! I am hoping the sun comes out soon! Although Hilton provides umbrella usage for its patrons.

I really look forward to next weekend, because I will be getting a new desk and new chair! Ain't that exciting? I am sooo spoiled! Hoping to wallpaper the room and paint it in April. It's been put off since... I don't even remember! Only if painting the room didn't require so much will power and time! Dum dum dum.

Time to dig into my magazine, and let something pretty catch my eye! Good day to all.

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