July 27, 2009

I ♥ Vancouver

I am grateful to live in Vancouver. So over the weekend we went to English Bay and biked around the seawall. So many BC residents were also at the beach enjoying the wonderful sunshine. How great is it that we live in a city that has such nice weather! And Eric came back over the weekend, we went shopping around south Surrey to buy some more useless items! And now the sun is setting, skies are purple, and I am happy. :)

Here's a list of the stuff I bought today!

Kozy Shack tapioca pudding! I was craving it all day.
Kozh Shack creme caramel, which had gone bad and sour. GROSS. remind me never to shop at IGA marketplace ever again!
Kitkat bars and coffee crisp singles! 80 calories each
ipod docking station/alarm clock, so now I can wake up to my favorite tunes.
Moka flavoured yogurt. Kind of weird, but trying new things is cool.
Granola + chocolate cereal. hehe Chocolate for breakfast!

Overall it was a pretty good day for annie.

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