July 25, 2009

I hear rain

It is raining right now. I haven't heard raindrops on my rooftop like this in a while. I can't help but smile. As it's beginning to rain harder, all those memories of happy rainy days starts to jog my memory. Oh how I love rain in the summer. I suspect I just heard thunder! This is going to be an authentic afternoon thunder shower :)
When it rains hard like this, you just got to appreciate how mother nature always finds a way to cleanse this filthy world we live in. Oh rain on me, rain on me. Too bad we have guests coming over, or else I would be outside right now.

So I still went outside, and held my hands out to catch the rain. It's an amazing feeling. Cool drops of crystal rain rolling against my skin. The lightning is better than any fireworks. Muwhahaha I am too excited to tell you about it. I LOVE THUNDER SHOWERS.

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