July 28, 2009

I am sweating rivers.

Oh my god. Heat wave has struck me good. Couldn't sleep at all last night. Not sure if it's the heat or it's the weird sore throat feeling. Anyway, today some people came to take some furniture off our hands, thus called for a perfect opportunity to clear out the garage of its junk. It took a good 3 hour to sort, pile, lift, and a lot of free manual labour to get it all organized and cleaned. I was sweating like a pig. Having no sleep the previous night, I am surprised that I was capable of exerting such energy and strength. So much junk in the garage, and half of it isn't even ours. WTF take your junk home or I'm gonna throw it out. Some people are just ridiculous. Why would they need to keep all this stuff, if it's collecting dust in my garage?!?! ANGER ANGER! Need to cool down, and eat lunch, and get some shut eye. :(

oh, but there's still so much I need to do today.....

ps. I have 10 million bruises on my legs. Where in the world did they come from.

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