November 04, 2011

The details!

It appears that we are officially engaged, by society's standard of an engagement ring that is. Tien and I have been talking about getting married, and even planning too. We both agreed that we didn't care for a long engagement period, we wanted to strike the iron while its hot.

Some thought planning the wedding even before getting engaged seems like it would ruin the surprise, but man oh man, was I surprised!

Tien and I started project 365 last July, we would take a photo every day for 1 year. Every now and then we'd go print out photos and put them into our album. He came over last night, with a stack of photos that were printed 3 weeks ago. As we were sorting the photos and putting them into the album, we noticed that we were missing a photo for August 22. We checked everywhere, and the computer too, seemed like we've missed one day! When we finished putting photographs in the album, he picked up the box that the photos came in, and shook the box. There was a photo inside the box, I was thinking, oh it's the missing photo from August. When he took out the photo, it was a picture of a ring, with caption saying "Will you marry me?" Then he took out the ring from his pocket, and he asked me to marry him, and of course, I said yes!!

It was a really happy evening and we went downstairs to tell our parents the good news, but apparently, they already knew. Last week while I was at work, Tien came by the house and ask for my father's permission to marry me. He said it was one of the most awkwardest thing he had to do!

The moment was so surprising, and it happened so fast! Exciting stuff right, guys?! Now on to more wedding planning...

Thanks everyone for the congratulations :)

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