May 19, 2011

Scams be everywhere!

Regarding my recent detective Annie post, about scams on Craigslist and cheap iphones for sale, this is another scam!

I came to work today, and right at 10:00AM, I received a phone call. The caller claimed to be some Canadian First Aid Association, and told me that it is regulation and mandatory to have a professional first aid kit on site. It was nearly impossible to hear her talk because of such low volume and she talked real fast. After a minute of introducing this "mandatory first aid" topic, she then insisted that she will be confirming my address for the delivery of the first aid kit, and the refills later are at discount price. From the beginning of this call, I found it to be fishy, since if the first aid kit really was mandatory, the Mall administration would have told me. So followed the conversation.

Annie: So, is there a fee for this kit? (up until now she hadn't mention a price)
Caller: Oh yes, it will be $299
Annie: Is there a way for me to verify your authenticity?
Caller: Umm, what do you mean?
Annie: Is there a website or some government group, city hall that I can call to verify that this regulation is mandatory?
Caller: Oh, we are a private company.
Annie: I already have a first aid kit, I don't need your services.
Caller: oh..ok.
Annie: (hangs up)

WTF, why are scammers everywhere! Calling and posing as some government regulation and unknowing send you and charge you $299 for some lame first aid kit!!! Be aware!

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