March 23, 2011

I am loving genmaicha

I've never been a big fan of tea, I am more of a coffee person. But recently, due to personal health reasons, I've cut back drastically on coffee consumption. Tea on the other hand, has less caffeine and it has antioxidants! I am currently loving genmaicha, which is essentially, brown rice tea. It is a Japanese tea that combines green tea with roasted brown rice. I love the faint green tea smell (some times oolong tea is too pungent for me) and the roasty taste of rice! This is originally poor man's tea, since the rice is used as a filler to reduce price of rice, but I love it!!!! Y'all should try some. They are commonly found in asian supermarkets, such as T & T, or you can visit David's Tea for their overpriced tealeaves :)


PS. it is sometimes referred to as the popcorn tea, since some of the brown rice pops like popcorn during the roasting process :)

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