February 25, 2011

Romantic Comedy

We saw No strings attached with Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher. I was infatuated with Natalie Portman after her dark performance in Black Swan. Here's a more light-hearted movie, about 2 people who use each other for sex, but the inevitable happens, they fall in love with each other.

The movie was quite enjoyable with a punchline here and there from the supporting actors, but towards the end of the movie, it just leaves you empty and dumbfounded. Dumbfounded in the worse possible way. You're thinking..huh? How the hell does this love-hate relationship always works out in people's situations? This doesn't parallel with real life.

So, we had a realization that why romantic comedies are so successful, because they appeal to a certain group of people. Here's a list of different genre of romantic comedy.

  • The Love-Hate relationship
    synopsis: Two people obviously hate each other, but is forced to work together/be of proximity, and suddenly finds each other's annoying habits sexy and adorable. Falls in love despite all the hate and animosity towards each other just minutes ago.
    audience: The single people who purposely annoys their secret crush. This type of movies gives them hope that it will eventually work out!
    real-life application: The 5th grader who pulls on his classmate's hair and pushes her in the sandbox.
    verdict: This doesn't really work.
    applicable movies: The Ugly Truth, Life as We Know It, What Happens in Vegas, Pride and Prejudice

  • The Cinderella story
    synopsis: A person (usually female) comes from a less than wealthy situation, and suddenly comes into some wealth, and meets the love of their life. (Or meets Price Charming and becomes RICH!) Totally life changing!
    audience: All the girls who have been fed the Prince Charming story!
    real-life application: Sugarbabies.com
    verdict: It is hard not to be blinded by your bling, Prince Charming!
    applicable movies: Maid in Manhattan, Cinderella, What a Girl Wants,

  • The ugly duckling
    synopsis: An unattractive person gets a makeover or becomes popular, and suddenly everyone is drooling over her, including her crush for centuries. Looks really are important!
    audience: People who's self esteem is low, and hopes a makeover is all they need to find true love.
    real-life application: Slather on pounds of makeup to cover the insecurities!
    verdict: Beauty is not in the eye of the beholder, it is in the makeup bag.
    applicable movies: She's All That, Princess Diaries, Never Been Kissed

    Other categories include:
  • The cold feet: Days before the wedding, the bride/groom has doubts about the marriage, or someone is trying to sabotage the wedding!
    ex: My Best Friend's Wedding, Made of Honor, The Wedding Planner

  • The my-best-friend-was-always-my-true-love-and-I-didn't-realize-it-until-a-bad-breakup
    (I think the category speaks for itself)

  • The loner: Who is always unsuccessful in finding love, or maintaining a relationship, suddenly falls for someone who is not their type! Horray!

    And the list goes on and on :)

    I love romantic comedies, especially to kill time! But sometimes, these movies are so far off the planet earth, it makes you wanna blast an AK47 at the television.
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