January 17, 2011

Weekend Movie Marathon

Chilling in Spain for film promotion!

The Green Hornet!
I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, not sure if it is because I am biased towards Jay Chou!! It was all in all a really entertaining movie with classic slapstick comdey, and your typical easy to laugh punchlines! Jay Chou's english is also superb! As for storyline, like any superhero storyline, bad guys DIE, good guys WIN!

I would recommend the movie, because I love Jay.

The Fighter
Based on the true story of boxer Micky Ward and his brother Dickie Eklund. This is a boy-film, but I did enjoy the shirtless Mark Wahlberg! He's so swole! It had some pretty inspirational moments. Mark Wahlberg did a good job displaying one's dedication and passion to the sport. Also, I never really liked Christian Bale, but got to say, he plays a great crack addict!!

Movie directed by Drew Barrymore!

Whip It
Ellen Page plays a lost little girl who finds confidence and joy in roller derby! YAY. ROLLER DERBY! It is roller skates gone wild. We saw it on netflix and it was pretty enjoyable. Some funny parts, some touching moments, a relaxing film to watch with a tad of action in the rollerskating rink!

*We're suppose to watch Black Swan! It keeps getting pushed back...maybe it is not meant to be...

P.S. More movies to watch before the Oscar catches up to me! Did anyone watch the Golden Globes? I didn't, because it is not the Oscar.

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  1. you're a winner!