January 11, 2011

Victim of bad television

So, I've been following Pretty Little Liars on ABC, since it first aired last fall. The tv series is based on some popular novel series. Gossip Girl dejavu, much? Anyway, let me fill you in on the premise so you don't have to suffer watching this.

5 girls are besties, and their queen bee disappears (apparently murdered). A year after the disappearance, the girls start receiving text messages, threats about how he/she will reveal their dark secrets, including secrets that only the queen bee would have known.

Basically, the story is about the girls not wanting to go to authority about these potential scary death threats, from an anonymous source. This anonymous person seems to have great control over them, since it knows the girls' weakness. It all seems ridiculous, when your life is in danger, why don't you tell your mom or the police that someone has been inside your house, writing scary message on the mirror?! Stalker alert. The girls do not learn that lying is the absolute worst action, and continues to let stalker take control of your life! AHH. Much frustration about teenagers who do not handle situations well.

But since I have nothing else to watch until Gossip Girl comes back, I have to wait and find out who the scary stalker is. All in all, it has mixed reviews from 8/10 New York Daily News, to 16/100 entertainment weekly. I can't believe it also won Teen Choice Awards, but then again, teens can relate to lying, and secrets kept between friends. I, on the other hand, prefer not to dig myself a bigger hole.

P.S. The girls are pretty to watch.

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